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The era of humane AI

Infusing learning with AI, without leaving people behind.

At Eidos Global, we understand AI as a tech tool that can empower us if we use it wisely. As we observe a trend in using AI for automation processes, we promote the role that it can play in enhancing what makes us human: our interactions, the interpersonal, cognitive, and socio-emotional skills.

AI can play a key role in:

        Customization of Learning Journeys.

        Promoting peer-to-peer collaboration.

        Assisting educators and teachers.


Enhancing of skills such as:

        Critical thinking




Código Latam: launch of “Learn how to code with AI copilot”

Launch of Eidos’ AI Chatbot.


Train-the-trainers on AI for Uruguay’s public sector.


Launch of a module on “Introduction to AI” for Latin America.


Eidos’ principles on AI

Contribution in the TeachAI’s global framework on AI.

July 2023

AI Challenge with UNESCO and, is the first workshop designed to offer policymakers a dive into the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. In partnership with UNESCO,, and experts in AI, the AI Thinking initiative equips leaders to join the conversation and explore the impacts of AI on learning, policy, and global collaboration.


Tec.La, a training program in computational thinking for educators and policymakers.

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