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We tried Suno: the AI music generator


We started 2024 with the certainty that it was going to be a year in which Artificial Intelligence would put us to the test. At the beginning of the year, we came across Suno, an online application that allows you to create songs with AI, and being #AllTerrain, we didn't hesitate for a second to experiment and see what it was all about 🎶.

🤔 Before Suno, it was difficult to generate songs with AI. Lo-Fi music (low fidelity and old-fashioned sounds) had been made, but this app was something different. When we tried it, we were surprised. A pleasant surprise: The lyrics incorporate things that we wouldn't have thought to associate. They include choruses and a very well-crafted structure of a pop song. This is quite a challenge, as combining lyrical and melodic structures, seemed unlikely.

What was the first thing we decided to do? A song for Markie 🤖, our personalized bot for educational experiences.

Listen to it and get to know more about Markie!

Some tips based on our experience:

✍️ Keep prompts simple: The more complex, the weirder the metric and it lost its freshness.

🎤 Add vocals: To choose the type of voice.

🔎 "Explore" function: This way you get to know other creations and get inspired.

Now it's your turn to try the AI music Generator, Suno! It's simple: you enter, log in, write a simple prompt, and you're done!

Do you know of any similar applications? We want to hear about your experience!


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