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Our mission:
to change
the way
the world learns

Eidos Global is a nonprofit foundation that builds programs to transform learning and teaching all around the world. We're so happy you're here.


Transforming learning together with


Preparing humans for a
world of constant change

For more than a decade we’ve been working to accelerate the evolution of learning, launching initiatives for reskilling and employability and supporting people at every stage of life to find fulfillment and value in today.

We design experiences
with massive global impact.

3,000,000 +


Annual Report 2021

Looking for inspiration?

Find all the exciting things we were up to in the last year, compiled in one place.

Our guiding principles


Learning is a universal right. We create content and experiences that are 100% free, with customized learning journeys for every audience.

Sustainable Development Goals

As members of the UN Global Compact and UNESCO Coalition for Education, all Eidos programs are aligned with the 2030 global agenda and SDGs.

Research & Metrics

All our initiatives are backed by research and focus on generating measurable pedagogical outcomes and learning metrics.

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