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We Fired Our Whole Staff and Hired AI

😱 😱 😱 😱 😱

Ok, I lied. We did not. Nor will we ever.

But what is true is that we’ve been thinking a lot about AI lately - as a tool for better teaching, as a content area for learning programs, and as an impetus to upgrade society’s thinking. But we’ve also been thinking about how it should play a role in our day-to-day work as a company.

Opening this question to the team was an interesting experiment: it laid bare each of our philosophies, insecurities, hopes, and fears. Our conversations went deep, went broad, and gave us lots to chew on as we each wrestled with the way we want to show up in a world of change.

Where we landed - for now - is a simple, three-part statement of principles.

Inspired by our theory of change, our Eidos Constellation, and the pedagogical beliefs we lead our work with, the statement aims to define humane principles for the use of AI in our work and our services.

Without further ado...


Our AI Principles, v1.0 (for now):

💖 AI should be used to foster a humane approach to learning and working that enhances human-centered design, improves quality human interaction and collaboration, and strengthens human agency.

💪 AI will not replace the job of any Eidos team member, and always should have human oversight and a human in the loop (HITL) in decision making processes

⛔️ Special attention should be taken by everyone implementing AI with regard to data privacy, bias, and persuasion.


Built on Fundamental Beliefs

The principles speak to fundamental beliefs we hold, that:

  • technology should be used as a tool to enhance human wisdom and strengths;

  • humans are far more than the tasks they complete; and

  • it's our responsibility to understand the consequences of our actions

We’re actively experimenting with ways to put these words into action, for example by building our own tools that integrate AI meaningfully, implementing concrete HR policies for hiring and re-training, and having our team complete training in humane product development and design.

Oh, and all these articles you read here?

They won’t be empty content churned out by AI, we promise.

Real humans, flawed and goofy, creative and procrastinating, promising to share something we think matters. ♥️


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