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Skills Builders: Innovating in impact measurement

🌐 In a global context marked by uncertainty and complexities, continuous learning stands as an essential pillar. At Eidos Global, we not only embrace the "Always Learning" philosophy, but we also turn it into reality. Our mission goes beyond knowledge transmission; we are dedicated to transforming individuals, empowering them to overcome challenges, enhance skills, and foster a resilient global community.

In this context, we are proud to announce our collaboration with Skills Builder, a firm step towards our mission of empowering people in this constantly evolving world.

Skills Builder: Enhancing our capabilities 📊

The Skills Builder Universal Framework will provide us with a structure to measure the impact of essential socio-emotional and cognitive skills. Through the Global Impact Fellowship program, we will strengthen the integration of essential skills development into our programs. This effort not only empowers our team but also enhances our capacity to demonstrate the tangible impact of our initiatives.

With the support of Skills Builder, we move towards a more effective and meaningful impact measurement, and we want to extend the invitation to our allies and clients to join us in this exciting challenge. Together, we can transform the teaching and learning system to build a more sustainable world.

Stay tuned for our updates; we will share our learning step by step, so you can deeply understand our measurement process and apply it to your organization as well! 👍


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