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Eidos & UNESCO's New Report: 5 Essential Insights You Shouldn't Miss

In a world where education and technology constantly intersect and evolve, Eidos Global and UNESCO have joined forces to empower educational ecosystems worldwide. "The Futures we build: Abilities and competencies for the future of education and work", our latest collaborative report, not only emphasizes AI's role in this transformation but also explores a wide array of tools and skills crucial for modern learning, with a special focus on Latin America and future workforce.

Let’s dive into the top 5 insights that are redefining learning in a digitized world!


1. Empowering Ecosystems: Beyond AI 💪

Though we are indeed big tech enthusiasts and firm believers that digital tools came to boost our ability to learn, we focused on transcending the AI craze, aiming to empower entire educational ecosystems (especially those with limited connectivity). This report delves into how various tools and methodologies are revolutionizing education, particularly in Latin America, nurturing environments where learning thrives.

2. A Toolkit for Holistic Learning 🧠

More than just embracing AI, this report showcases a holistic toolkit for education. It presents diverse digital tools and methodologies that bring dynamism, inclusivity, and effectiveness to learning spaces. Do you want to work on a specific skill with your people? We got you covered.

3. Cultivating Essential Skills for a Connected World

Leaving no one behind means we need people trained with more than just digital skills. The report spotlights crucial skills for the digital era, focusing on nurturing critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving in educational ecosystems. Beyond technical competencies, we wanted to highlight portable cognitive, social and emotional skills that are crucial for the just transition to a more connected, equal and greener future.

4. Digital Inclusion: Bridging Educational Gaps 💻

If we want to reach all, we really need to adress the obvious gaps in connectivity, access to education and solutions most common than not designed for a very specific type of learner. Highlighting the importance of accessibility, the report calls for bridging the digital divide. It emphasizes equitable access to new educational tools and skills, ensuring all learners are part of the evolving educational landscape.

5. Shaping Inclusive and Progressive Policies 📲

The report goes beyond classroom boundaries, offering insights for evolving educational policies to include these innovative tools and skills. It’s a roadmap for embedding modern approaches into educational systems, fostering comprehensive learning experiences and a very useful tool for anyone looking for a different take einto advancing competencies within a learning community.

Bonus Track: Nurturing Skills in the Classroom 👨‍🏫

Additionally, the report offers valuable resources for skill development in the classroom. With an apendix aimed for curious minds, you will find the prompts we use to research the information, extra materials to read and more! At the core, It highlights the significant roles of teachers and learning communities in cultivating these skills, providing practical strategies for educators.


Want to read the report? Click down below to read online or download the full version!

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