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Eidos Global + OECD: Towards a People-Centered Education 🌍✨

Eidos Global + OECD

We had the honor of being one of the organizations invited to contribute to the new OECD Curriculum Frameworks report. Learn more here!

We are thrilled to share that Eidos Global was one of the organizations invited to participate in the launch of the OECD paper "Curriculum frameworks and visualizations beyond national frameworks – alignment with the OECD Learning Compass 2030" 🌍.

Thanks to this opportunity, Mery Lehmann, the Academic Lead of Eidos Global, presented the alignment of the OECD Learning Compass with our educational experience design framework at the event.

As a common framework, both focus on empowering individuals to be active agents in their learning, fostering autonomy, purpose, and personal and collective well-being. This connection reflects our mutual belief in the power of education to promote the development of key 21st-century skills. Our approach has always been to design educational experiences that place the human being at the center, highlighting the importance of creativity, complex problem-solving, and effective collaboration 🤝. These skills, in line with the principles of the Learning Compass, are essential for advancing towards a positive and collective future.

Participating in this event was not only a proud moment for the Eidos Global team but also a reaffirmation of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in education 🚀. These experiences allow us to enrich our knowledge, share, and learn from educational initiatives at a global level, and motivate us to continue seeking new ways to positively impact education and people's well-being.

Thank you to the OECD for this opportunity and to all the organizations that continue to support our journey towards a more inclusive, equitable, and people-centered education.


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