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Beyond COP28

Hey there, wonderful changemakers! 🌍✨

We're still buzzing with excitement after our recent journey to the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai. Our founder, Agus Batto Carol, rocked the stage on a panel discussing "Future-Ready Learning: EdTech’s Role in Climate Adaptation and Mitigation." 

💚But guess what really hit us? The urgent call for action echoing through the conference halls.

As an NGO dedicated to education, we've always believed in connecting deeply with the world around us. And let's face it, after COP28, our conviction is stronger than ever. 🌱💪

Hold on tight, because here's the headline: 

In the next 6 years, we've got to slash carbon emissions by a whopping 40%. 📉 Imagine removing the emissions of a whole China-sized country in just five years! 😱 We're way off track, and it's time for everyday heroes like us—individuals, small organizations, and communities—to step up.

So, here's the scoop on what we're up to:

Stay tuned as we dive deep into each of these initiatives in the coming months. 

We're on a mission, and we want to hear from you! How are you championing sustainability in your life, work, and community? 💬

🌈 Let's create a ripple of positive change together! 🌟✨


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