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Creating systemic change for +50 people.

As working-age limits increase globally, a growing number of people over 50 years old are struggling to find work, either from a skill gap or lack of access to job opportunities in the current job market. To address this challenge, we have teamed up with the IDB Lab (the innovation laboratory from the InterAmerican Development Bank) to ask:


Can we pilot a program designed to create systemic change in age-related employment issues and help people within the silver economy acquire skills and jobs?

Silvertech is a program that offers free online training with social-emotional support focused on three main goals: to help 2000 people find new job opportunities, to convene a community of 60 organizations committed to supporting the silver economy, and to create systemic change with regard to positive longevity and silver economy issues.

Digital Skills
Silver Economy
Systemic change


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(as of August 2023)

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People applied for
the courses

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People attended
the courses

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the courses


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“SilverTech offers us the possibility of continuing to build a work paradigm in which Talent is not measured by age, but by the skills, experiences and interests of each person. Through it, we can expand the way to better accompany the +50 to continue learning and adapting to the new challenges posed by the current context, as well as encourage companies to offer opportunities that allow the deployment and development of the same.”

Ana Carolina Corbelle
Executive Director of Diagonal Asociación Civil

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