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12 abr 2024

Eidos Global in the UNESCO Global Education Coalition

Eidos Global was recognized in the latest report from UNESCO's Global Education Coalition (GEC). This initiative emerged in 2020 with the aim of fostering collaborations and partnerships to promote lifelong learning on an international scale.

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27 mar 2024

Skills Builders: Innovating in impact measurement

🌐 In a global context marked by uncertainty and complexities, continuous learning stands as an essential pillar. At Eidos Global, we not only embrace the "Always Learning" philosophy, but we also turn it into reality. Our mission goes beyond knowledge transmission; we are dedicated to transforming individuals, empowering them to overcome challenges, enhance skills, and foster a resilient global community.

reporte unesco-01 ENG.jpg

30 oct 2023

Eidos at UNGA78 and why we participate every year

Would you like to know everything that happens around the opening of sessions of the United Nations General Assembly? This was our 6th year participating and we tell you who is going, why it is a valuable space and what has been happening.

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26 oct 2023

Interviewed by NASDAQ!

Empowering Communities through Learning

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19 oct 2023

TechAI Toolkit for schools and teachers now available! 🤓🛠️

Learn more about how to use this toolkit designed so that educational systems, teachers, and people in the world of education can integrate artificial intelligence into their schools in a safe and organic way.

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10 oct 2023

Eidos Global & Unesco: abilities for the future of education and work

Learn more about trends related to the future of employment and learning in this comprehensive guide designed for educators and people in the world of education.

reporte unesco-01 ENG.jpg

26 sept 2023

TEC.LA selected for the IV Congreso de Educación Digital

On September 26 and 27, the IV Digital Education Congress was held, a space to dialogue with specialists and colleagues about technology, teaching, research, gender issues, accessibility, among others.

reporte unesco-01 ENG.jpg

15 sept 2023

SilverTech awarded by SEF Latam

SilverTech was recognized at SEF LATAM | Silver Economy Forum.

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1 sept 2023

SilverTech at Amcham

SilverTech participated in the second “Clínica de Expertos en Diversidad e Inclusión” organized by AmCham.

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28 ago 2023

Eidos Global releases a new online, asynchronous course, 100% free!

Read the note and find out how to join and get started today.

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4 jul 2023

SilverTech: IT Recruiting Report

At SilverTech, after 6 months of our apprentices graduation, we compile a report. We want to share it with you.

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