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Always Learning.

Our motto says it clearly. At Eidos, we're always learning.

We partner with some of the world's most forward-thinking

organizationsto push the boundaries

and create the future of learning.

Not just dating;humanized data.

Our goal is not to collect data as a trophy, but to use it to shine light on what we don't know and design meaningful experiences with and for learners as they navigate uncertain futures.

By 2023, we are prioritizing research in:


Human Intervention in Learning


Flow State Analysis in Career Planning


other things

person with computer

We actively experiment with new ways of applying our LXD muscle to new types of experiences that could become core products or competencies in the future.

By 2023, we are prioritizing exploration of:

-     Creating experiences in the Metaverse

-     Implementing AI into learning experiences

-     Launching a media-based learning experience through a podcast

Building our strength.

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As a foundation, we are committed to sharing the insights and knowledge from all of our programs openly and freely.

You can find recent reports here, along with updates from our head of research.

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