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Impactful and deeply human 

Blending digital, cognitive, and social-emotional skills with a humanized approach to learning,
our programs reach 85 countries and over 3,000,000 learners of every age,
background, and perspective: from kids to seniors to heads of state.

Our Work. Our Passion.

We partner with governments, NGOs, and corporations to design high-impact learning experiences
that empower people to access new opportunities, navigate challenges,

and thrive in an ever-changing world.

These are some of our favorites:



In collaboration with Microsoft and the Trust for the Americas, this initiative  offers 4 training programs and has already reached more than 2 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Let's talk about talent, not age. In association with IDB Lab and in collaboration with Microsoft, Accenture, Salesforce, Google and RedHat, SilverTech aims to transform the relationship with the "Silver Economy" of communities over 50 in Argentina.

Aimong to train 3000 people  and changing the mentality and culture around hiring and employability, SilverTech works also by demystifying ageism and giving a new image to the profile of the 50+ generation.



A program that empowers migrant and refugee communities in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica with digital and programming skills, improving their employability in the technology industry.

artificial intelligence


The first workshop designed to offer public policy specialists an immersion in the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.


In collaboration with UNESCO, and AI experts, the initiative equips leaders with the tools to join the conversation and explore the impacts of AI on learning,  the design of public policies and global collaboration.


Preparing youth for the future of work. In a world where young people face unemployment and informal work, the demand for digital skills in the tech industry continues to rise. Tec.La offers a training program for teachers in Latin America, equipping them with the necessary tools to teach computational thinking and 21st-century skills. With a practical and theoretical approach, we address processes such as pattern recognition and algorithm creation, along with competencies like empathy and creativity.

girls talking


In 2018, the G20 elected Eidos as chair of the Y20, the youth affinity group of the G20 summit held that year in Argentina.  With bold event architecture and the participation of people from all over the world, we managed to turn around the way an international conference can be implemented, showcase the power of youth and the importance of giving them a seat at the table. decision-making.

sit woman


Empowering Women through Digital and Business Tools. In Latin America, the rapid advancement of new technologies, coupled with the region's socio-economic inequalities, has created a significant gap in digital skills.


In collaboration with Instituto Natura, Eidos Global created Tutorías Digitales, a program designed to empower women entrepreneurs. Implemented in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico, the program offers a curriculum covering employability, socio-emotional skills, and digital and financial competencies. Additionally, it features specialized tutors to support participants.


Together with the JSW Foundation of India, Eidos developed the core learning experience for MuSo, a new 10-story children's museum in central Mumbai dedicated to turning young people into changemakers. The museum is set to open in 2024.

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We partner with governments, NGOs, and corporations to design high-impact learning experiences that empower people to access new opportunities, navigate challenges, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

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Decent jobs for youth

Skills are what we do 

We’re experts in building innovative, creative,

custom-tailored programs to develop:



How to get jobs in today’s (and tomorrow’s) economy.


We do it all, from basic digital literacy to marketing, audiovisual production, and AI fundamentals.




The ways of thinking that help us keep pace with change.


We help upgrade critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, computational thinking, and more.




Our ability to connect as humans in a changing world.

Every program is infused with social-emotional support in the form of coaching and mentorship that treats each learner as an individual.

girl creating color

Across any age, country, topic, or background, we apply a unique and flexible methodology for learning (we call it "The Eidos Way") based on 15 years of practical experience and deep research in pedagogy, future readiness, and neuroscience.
The result? Learning experiences that speak to our deepest human nature, while preparing us to adapt to the changes of the future.

How to thrive in an

uncertain future

person on call

Every program we design is built for human-driven scale.

We frequently implement train-the-trainer methodologies that multiply our reach many-fold, preparing facilitators with deep support and ongoing quality control that creates outsized impact. 

Scaling through




Nothing in our vision can be accomplished on our own.

We know our strengths and our weaknesses, and rely on a powerful network of partners and allies who bring skills, wisdom, and funding to help achieve grand goals together.

To get to everyone, it takes everyone.

To go far, 

go together

people working

Will you join us?

We’d be honored to have you as part of our mission.
Explore our programs, read about our advocacy, get inspired by our research, or if you’re ready…

We can’t wait to meet you!

Our main office in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires is located in a historic home on a park, and is a place of warmth, comfort, and curiosity for our team and for all our partners.

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