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At our hearts,

we are advocates

for change.

What do we want to see different in the world?

Learning and leading in a new way. Partnering. Etc.

Possible Ideas:

Funding for location

South-South Cooperation

Partnerships between telecoms to make internet accessible for connectivity

Having humane skills in every curriculum?

Global digital citizenship

Could frame around basic needs/quality of life/future resilience

Access to education (free, adapted/localized, etc.)

- Specific ideas, like a telecom giving free connectivity to do x, y, z

Could we try this with a town, a city, a country?

- Encouragement (like giving school credit, etc. – connecting to another


- 1% fund could connect to this

A seat at the table.

We leverage high-level advocacy and advising collaborations to infuse our point of

view into global efforts for educational change and reform.


Our vision for the future.

We advocate for specific changes and advancements in the world of learning and leadership.

- Sustainability

-Global Digital Citizenship

-Human Something

- What else? From vision circle?

column charts


Learners to date




Participants say they learned skills they'll use in work


Of participants say they'd recommend our programs

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As an organization born and based in Latin America, we're committed to the future of learning and thriving in our region.

That's why we've launched the Fund for LatAm, a sustainability fund supported by x, x,and x to do x y and z.

fund forLatAm

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