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Join us September 24, 2024 during the UN General Assembly in New York City for a side event like you've never seen before.


What's the most un UNGA?

This is the side event for the future. The 79th convening of the UN General Assembly is themed around the Summit of the Future, a chance to engage new voices, new approaches, and new perspectives in the work of the United Nations and the business of preparing people for the uncertainty of the world we live in.

But we can't talk about the future in the same ways we've been talking for the last 100 years.


The ungeneral assembly side event will be a highly interactive day of workshops, intergenerational discussions, and absolutely zero panels full of pre-written statements.

Saying the Hard Things

How can we really get honest with ourselves as a society to bring about lasting change?

We'll dig into the values we all hold dear and think about ways we can hold ourselves accountable to them, and create action plans to get to where we want to be.

Tomorrow, Today

What we talk about as "the future" is really today. We're unprepared for the world we're already living in.

Instead of talking about future goals and initiatives, we'll re-center our conversation around concrete behavioral change we can make happen the moment we leave the room.

Shared Language

The future will never exist if we lack the words to describe it.

Together with linguists and experts in psychology and sociology, we'll imagine new wor(l)ds that help shift minds and attitudes, which you can take with you and use immediately.

How we meet matters.

unGA 2024 is a convening hosted by Eidos Global and leading partners, to 

About Your Hosts

Eidos Global designs learning experiences for an uncertain future. We work with companies, governments, and NGOs to teach digital, cognitive, and social-emotional skills to millions of people in over 80 countries.

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